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I love programming and I like learning new stuff every day.

I'm totally into eXtreme Programming (XP), their principles, values and practices, like Test-Driven Development, pair programming, continuous integration, refactoring, collective code ownership...

I also love working using agile methodologies, helping product owners to refine user stories, or slicing a feature in smaller ones to always deliver value often.

Vicente 2016

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February 7, 2016: VCG, First Edition

What is VCG?

VCG is the acronym for “Ver Conferéncias Grabadas”, a bad name but an excellent initiative. It consists in collecting some talks from other conferences and then, during the conference, attendants can vote them and the most voted ones...

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March 14, 2015: Hello World


Three years ago, @carles_climent told me: "You must have a blog!" and, three years later, here it is!

I had planned to write in medium.com but finally I followed the recommendations of @marcoscalatayud and I have set up this blog.

I have used...

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