VCG, First Edition

What is VCG?

VCG is the acronym for “Ver Conferéncias Grabadas”, a bad name but an excellent initiative. It consists in collecting some talks from other conferences and then, during the conference, attendants can vote them and the most voted ones are watched and argued.

The First Edition

This is the list of videos that we saw in the first edition:

Not Just Code Monkeys

It’s about the moral and ethics as software developers, dark patterns, privacy and some other topics that we should think about.

How to Build a Skyscraper

I proposed this one but nobody argued anything at end. Maybe its not as controversial as the first one, but I liked it because it shows a lot of problems related with software projects only talking about the history of skyscrapers.

Connascence & coupling

Sincerely I need to view this talk again. It's about coupling and cohesion, and a software metic called Connascence. This metric allows us to talk about the relation of two objects and the complexity of this relation. I’m sure this metic will appear in the next Flywire’s code reviews…

Nothing is Something

I enjoy Sandi Metz's talks always, and this one is not an exception. In this talk, she talks about Active Nothing (Null Object Pattern), inheritance and composition with very good examples.

The Future of Programming

I really liked this one. Bret Victor staged that he was in 1973 giving a talk about the future of programming. He talked about a lot of computer science knowledge that we had in 1973 and nowadays it hasn't been applied yet. I have been thinking about learning about functional programming, reactive programming, actor models, etc… and this talk makes me think that this is the right way.

Hunters and Gatherers

This talk is about the same topic than previous one, but it uses some really great examples of science advantages. There is a good #protip here: “strong opinions, weakly held”.

The Rapid Software Testing Guide to What You Meant To Say

This one is about how you communicate with others. It’s from a tester perspective but it can be extrapolated to any field. If you are a developer and you think you don’t need a tester role in your team, I encourage you to see this talk because at the end you will change your opinion.

The Economy of Keystrokes

This was an interesting talk. At the beginning he talked a bit about discriminations in our field. A field when if you are white, male, studied and american you have some advantages over others. It would be nice to beat this things as soon as possible… The rest of the talk can be summarized in “readers > writers”. You should write code thinking that anyone later should be able to understand what you are doing and specially why you are doing this.

And that’s all folks

  • 15 attendants.
  • 8 videos.
  • 1 paella.
  • Some ping-pong and table soccer games played.

Although we only argued about some of them, I think all of us learned something at the end so, at least for me, it was a pleasure to attend and I expect we can repeat this type of conference soon.


Special thanks to:

  • Edu Saborit for having this nice initiative.
  • All attendants for adding his videos and arguing in a constructive way.
  • Flywire for gave his office up to us.

And also thanks to the real conferences and speakers for uploading all this awesome talks!

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